The Music of Burzum and the
Writings of Varg Vikernes

Classic Burzum

February 28th, 2012

In 2011, Burzum released two albums, Fallen and the re-recording compilation of classics, From the Depths of Darkness.

Fallen showed a new style with more in common with Blazebirth Hall, Drudkh and Nocturnal Mortum than black metal of old. It was simple, punk-like and verse-chorus.

Before that, Belus explored the same style.

From the Depths of Darkness, released last year, “re-interpreted” old Burzum songs in a way that might fit Dimmu Borgir or another new-school more radio friendly black metal band.

In the years before that, two anthologies and one rarities anthology came out of the Burzum camp.

Without being judgmental, it is possible we can draw a line at 1999 and say that after that, Burzum changed. The classic era was over, and was replaced by a new era in which cultivating a larger fanbase and thus accommodating more mainstream tastes was the goal.

Prior to that era, there was an intermediate zone in which the spirit and ideas of classic Burzum were applied to ambient music in the style of Danzig’s Black Aria or other soundtrack/ambient neofolk bands.

The two albums of this era — Daudi Baldrs and Hlidskjalf — reflected a style that while different from classic Burzum, nonetheless picked up on its desire for atmosphere.

It’s worth including the final pre-prison album, Filosofem, in this mix because its goals and methods were similar, leading it to be called “Odinpop” back in the day.

Finally, before that came the triad of classic Burzum: Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown (re-titled Burzum), Det Som Engang Var and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss.

When people think of Burzum, it is these they think of first. And in the history of black metal, and the rise of a traditionalist Romantic feeling among popular music, it is these albums that stand out the most.

Musicians change and times change. However, nothing really changes. The goals of life and spirit remain eternal.

However, here at we honor the changes by noticing them with the same wide-open eyes with which we noticed early Burzum music. We seek clarity and consistency, accuracy and efficiency of thought, and a guide in interpreting the idea that inspire the collective will among us.

As we go into another year, with another Burzum album Umskiptar ready to emerge, it is good for all of us to remember what our values are, and how even in changing times we might apply them.

“Belus” review

March 18th, 2010

We’ve heard the latest from Burzum, and here’s our write-up, with sound samples as always.

Burzum “Belus”

March 1st, 2010

Vikernes, in coordination with Plastic Head Distribution, has announced the new Burzum album Belus will be available March 8, 2010

(Inter)National Day of Slayer

March 1st, 2010

Metal is spreading worldwide, and with it, Burzum:

Originally inspired by the National Day of Prayer that religious groups created to draw attention to their beliefs, the National Day of Slayer was thought to be a holiday on June 6, 2006 — that’s 6/6/06 — but now it has grown.

Thanks to support and enjoyment around the world, the National Day of Slayer is now the INTER-National Day of Slayer, and it happens every year on June 6 starting at hour six. On this day, metalheads worldwide stop the pointless activities of a boring world and listen to Slayer.

International Day of Slayer is bigger than one nation, or even one band. It’s a celebration of metal music through one of its most articulate spokesbands. It’s also revelry in the spirit that makes metal great. So on June 6, stop everything… and listen to SLAYER!

You may find it odd to see this on a website ostensibly devoted to Burzum, but there is method in this madness. Slayer is one of the most important Metal bands that has ever existed, if not for their more recent releases, then for masterpieces such as Haunting the Chapel, Hell Awaits, and Reign in Blood. Burzum is an extension of the concepts originally explored by bands like Slayer, thus, if even one person becomes a fan as a result of the National Day of Slayer, they will already be well on the way to discovering Burzum, and the truths therein.

Varg Vikernes to be released

March 10th, 2009

After four rejections of applications for parole, Vikernes will finally be released from prison. Read on for details, some known, some unknown.

Seventh Burzum Album Enroute

June 6th, 2008

In 1992 Vikernes under the artist name Burzum released his first album. Now he has plans to release his seventh. The last album came in 1999. In addition, he finished writing the script for his autobiography.

“It will work out a few new details about the killings,” he said, “which were never focused on before. But I will wait to tell the story in completion.”

Translated article

Why we carry on

February 11th, 2007

Spurred by his handlers, Varg lashes out again. Read on for our explanation as to why what we are doing is right.

On the Importance of Burzum

January 30th, 2007

A brief article summarizes the history of black metal and why Burzum changed its direction. Read on to see what black metal meant and why Burzum ended it. Continuation

December 1st, 2006

Through his controllers, Varg Vikernes has issued a statement against Read on for our response and why we will not be changing what we are doing.