The Music of Burzum and the
Writings of Varg Vikernes

Burzum in the Press

The following are articles from various publications relating to Burzum and Black metal. The reader should bear in mind though that just because something is in print does not mean that it is true. Varg's actions have always been prone to sensationalism in the media, and that is true of most of the following articles/books. Some articles even extend to outright fabrication in places.

We openly admit that we are not going to the effort of tracking down every magazine article about Varg (but a thank you to those people who keep sending scans in). We simply feel that there is a limit to the number of versions of the same story that one needs, and we can perform a more useful service to the Burzum fan by presenting our own ideas and features, rather than sitting down and typing out various media interpretations again and again.

Varg's seminal Filosofem magazine.
Mainstream Newspapers...
Michael Moynihan's seminal study of Norwegian Black Metal and Varg Vikernes.
High Society mag, Oct. 98. And we even managed to type out the Burzum article in it.
The original 1992 Kerrang! article that started much of the media frenzy outside of Norway.

N.M.E. Magazine – I don't have the cover, because I didn't want to buy a copy. This one of the most ridiculous (and inaccurate) articles I have ever read in my life.
Spin Magazine – Culture magazine.
Terrorizer Magazine – Metal magazine.