The Music of Burzum and the
Writings of Varg Vikernes

Burzum Interviews

2005 / 2004 / 1998 / 1997 / 1996 / 1995 / 1994 / 1993 / 1992


Interview in Metal Crypt webzine (10th May 2005)
Chris Mitchell interviews Varg


Interview from
Recent, in-depth interview


Interview with Björn Hallberg Part I (March 1998)
The latest Burzum interview

The Burzum Homepage Interviews Varg Vikernes (Feb. 1998) interviews Varg – very in-depth

Interview with Josh of Abruptum zine (Feb. 1998)
Lots of discussion on music


Interview from Greek Metal Hammer (Autumn 1997)
Various interesting points and Daudi Baldrs discussion

Interview from Genocide zine (Spring 1997)
Lots of unusual questions and answers

Interview from Heresy zine #3
Circa 1997

Interview from Norwegian Nationalist Magazine "Fritt Forum / Norsk Blad"
Typical Varg Q & A from a "non-metal" perspective


Interview with Deprived zine (Double interview, May '94 & Jan'96)
A double interview, with a rather mixed response from Varg

Terrorizer/aardshok Interview (March 1996)
A very good overall interview

Metal Hammer UK interview
Lots of details about his life in jail inc. pictures

Scream Magazine #28 interview
Condensed interview format


Interview in AORTA zine. issue XX "Oskorei"
An interview by Kadmon, interesting points on Paganism

Interview in C.O.T.I.M. Zine
Circa 1995 – short but appropriate

Interview in Sounds of Death #5
Stephen O'Malley interviews Varg in-depth

Interview with Pure Fucking Hell zine – January 1995

Morticianumbskull zine – Autumn 1995
An interesting, though short, analysis of the Romantic within Burzum's lyrics


Sounds of Death #4 Interview
("Vastly fabricated" – Varg)

1000 years... Interview
By Olv. Svithjod, back in March 1994


Niflheim Magazine
Short fanzine interview


Interview in Orcustus mag (late 1991/early 1992)
Bård Faust of Emperor interviews Varg

Interview in Putrefaction zine
A highly amusing interview

Hammer of Damnation zine
Another "classic" early interview

Late 1992 interview
A provocative phone interview