The Music of Burzum and the
Writings of Varg Vikernes

Translation of a late 1992 interview

Translated by Vidar Ermesjø

Listen to audio (Norwegian)

VV = Varg Vikernes
FI = Femal Interviewer


VV (00:01):
"The most constructive thing that could happen to the world , the most positive, that would have to be that 99% of the population would have been gassed."

FI (00:08):
"Tønsberg today, Bodø towmorrow?"

VV (00:11):
"Yes, for example. You could start with Asia though. Or start with the negroes in Norway."

FI (00:20):
"Are you planning to start doing this?"

VV (00:22):
"Then you would be put in jail or.. Yeah, your freedom of movement comes into the picture. I gain more in not doing it than doing it."

FI (00:37):
"But I just cannot take this seriously when you are saying these things. Is it the truth or is it just..."

VV* (00:43):
"Why should not that be the truth?"

FI (00:46):
"Well, I am not sure. You are saying these things with a smile."

VV (00:50):
"I have not been smiling very much you know."

FI (00:54):
"But you did it just while..."

VV* (00:56):
"I could say it again without smiling. If you are interested of course"

FI (00:59):
"Mhm, maybe it will sound different."

VV (01:03):
"That is. Of course we support the killings of human beings because humans are stupid people, they are atheistic clowns who have no business here at all. There are to many of them. We do not need everyone of them, therefore it is cool. Pure and simple... If all the sudden the whole of Africa would die of AIDS it would not make any difference for us at all. That would just be cool because we would gain more stimulance from the outside."

FI (01:34):
"So there is a difference to whom that shall die then?

VV (01:38):
"That is. Personally I am not very interested in things happening outside of Scandinavia. We should just build a big wall around Norway, Sweden and Iceland and just ask everyone to fuck off. Then we could just live like a bunch of rednecks up in the north. We would do fine without the rest."

FI (01:55):
"Mhm. Hurray Asterix and Obelix?"

VV (01:59):
"...That has nothing to do with it."

FI (02:02):
"They have one of these walls.."

VV (02:04):
"Yes, that is correct... 'So what?'"

FI (02:08):
"I do not thing it is cool to kill humans!"

VV (02:10):
"Well, actually! The point is that, it is totally rediculous that people should not take it seriously that we mean this. For why the fuck should not we mean that?! The reason that you do not mean this is because you are a victim of normal 'nice-ism' propaganda! Both on the TV, in the newspapers and radio and.. parrents and school, The whole bunch, are running around telling you that you should care about others and that you should.. you should only care about others and you should feel sorry for the children in Africa because they are dying like flies. Why the hell should we care about them? There is no point what so ever. You gain nothing by doing that. The only thing you accomplish is to walk around caring for others and be anxious for all the skin and bone down in Africa."

FI (02:51):
"What does love mean to you?"

VV (02:54):
"What it means to me? It does not mean anything more th..."

FI* (02:56):
"Do you have a girlfriend?"

VV (02:58):

FI (02:59):
"Have you been fond of a girl before?"

VV (03:01):
"No, heh."

FI (03:03):

VV (03:05):
"Ok.. What is it to be fond of a girl?! Of course, you do care about the people who are around you more than anyone else. But if they die, you do not start to weep."

FI (03:19):
"But, why is it so im...."

VV* (03:21):
"There is enough girls. You find new ones. Hehe."

FI (03:24):
"But, why.. Why, why are these good feelings so dangerous?"

VV (03:29):
"Well. It is not we who! Everbody walks around believing that we think we are so evil. People go about saying 'violence!' and think that we think we are so fucking evil and the likes. We have never said that we are so damn evil! That is what the other people claim we say. We could not care less. We do what we mean ourselves. Like, the whole thing is just ridiculous! Just because we say that we do not fall down crying just because some hag dies while we are with here, we are supposed to be evil.. Just like if we said it so people would believe we were evil. And, what is 'evil'? There is nothing so evil which does not return anything good with it... And about this churchburning think. There is nothing evil about burning churches. It has been alot of talk about that.. There is nothing evil about it at all, it is nothing that spreads more goodness than burning a church. It is nothing that spreads more goodness and warmth when somebody burns a church. It is nothing more ridiculous than someone saying burning a church is evil. It is not evil to kill a human being..."


Translators note:
The word "cool" I use here is a lack for a better word for "fett" (NOR) which basically means "fat", but in this context it should be refered to as "good" or somehing positive. I will put an '*' behind the name of the person whenever he/she interupts someone.