The Music of Burzum and the
Writings of Varg Vikernes

Merchandise and Collector's Information

The aim of this section is to create a comprehensive list of all the Burzum merchandise that has ever been available. Obviously some items will be rarer than others. Availablity ratings are assigned in italics.

Hooded Burzum sweatshirt. Original album cover on front and Filosofem "Dunkelheit" lyrics on back-print. Currently out of print, but still available if you shop around.
The shirt for the album Dauði Baldrs. Also comes in long-sleeve. Very widely available in most music clothing stores. Otherwise order direct from Heathen Front sales or Misanthropy.
The original "Einsatzkommando" shirt, released shortly before the Dauði Baldrs album. Became a media story of its own when the back-print ("Support your local Einsatzkommando") caused a major controversy. And that was before they realised Varg wasn't kidding. Some dealers may refuse to stock it due to the 'controversial back-print'. Available in both black and white.
Re-issued Einsatzkommando longsleeve shirt. Available from Heathen Front Sales.
Einsatzkommando T-shirt. Available directly from Heathen Front Sales.
Hvis lyset tar oss shirt, as often worn by Varg himself. Available in long-sleeve and hooded versions.Has been reissued by Razmataz and Misanthropy records. Available in black and white fabric versions.
Filosofem long-sleeve. Various editions available (Russian edition worn here by Skald)This version relatively unavailable, but a new Filosofem T-shirt has been issued by Misanthropy.
Det som engang var long-sleeve.Has been re-issued by Misanthropy and is widely available.
"Plain logo" shirt. Available in 'normal' and 'girlie' sizes.Easily available. The girlie size one is available from Misanthropy.
Burzum flag (dog not included).Available through Misanthropy Records.
New Einsatzkommando flag (an updated version of the Misanthropy one). 90x60 cm. Available directly from Heathen Front sales.
Varg's book of autobiographical and politcal/social insight. Only in Norwegian language at present.Available directly from both Misanthropy Records and Heathen Front Sales.
Burzum "logo" metal badge.Available from Misanthropy.
Burzum "logo" patch (silver logo on black woven patch).Available from Misanthropy and Rage clothing.
Burzum posters and wall art. Available versions include "Count Grishnack" flag/wall art (above), Dauði Baldrs poster and Hliðskjálf poster and flag. Available from Misanthropy.
The "Dunkelheit" video. First edition includes original art animation cell from the making of the video (pictured). Obviously each cell is different. You can watch the video in our movie section. First edition (with art cell) has sold out, but the video is easily available from distributers and Misanthropy
DSP release of Burzum (CD/LP).Very limited.
DSP release of Aske (CD/LP)Very limited.
Misanthropy re-release of the debut Burzum album. Includes Aske EP. (CD/LP)CD is readily available. LP is limited.
Misanthropy release of Det som engang var CD / LP(contains limited editon poster).CD readily readily available. LP difficult to obtain. Original Cymophane version (CD) very difficult to obtain.
Misanthropy release of Hvis lyset tar oss CD/LPCD readily available. LP limited.
Filosofem release (by Misanthropy). Digibook CD/Digiback CD/LPCD version readily available. Digibook is more limited but still available in both language formats. LP is difficult to find.
Dauði Baldrs release by Misanthropy. Digipack CD/ LP (with limited art cards in first 500 copies). 2nd edition LP has new artwork.CD readily available. Original LP (with art cards) is limited. 2nd edition LP widely available.
Hliðskjálf CD digipack and golden LP vinyl (limited).Released 26th April 1999. CD widely available. LP is limited but fairly obtainable for now.
Signed Dauði Baldrs album. Varg dislikes signing things these days, and says this is the only one he will ever signYeah, right! ;)
Burzum Box Set: 1992-1997. This set includes 6 limited edition picture LPs, namely Burzum, Aske, Det som engang var, Hvis lyset tar oss, Filosofem and Dauði Baldrs. It also includes a poster. Limited to 1000 copies and supposedly "very hard to obtain".